World's Leading Supplier of Decorative Lighting

LSP Group produces a full line of high-quality, energy-efficient lighting designs for a diverse range of Decorative, Architectural applications for both interior and exterior use.

We have developed lighting concepts for a wide variety of sectors and applications for more than 20 years. Our team with more than 50 years of lighting experience ensures quality, performance and value in every product we design and manufacture.

LSP takes pride in providing customers with efficient service and technical support and value engineering. LSP has a vast network of reliable manufacturing partners both overseas and local and we provide our customers with holistic solutions that is tailored to their requirements where we ensure that the lighting solutions reflects the customer’s personality.

With more than 250 portfolios comprising of hotels, palaces, government buildings and commercial buildings, LSP has established its name as one of the leading solution provider in the lighting industry.


Our mission is to develop innovative new products to support our customers in meeting their lighting challenges.

By creating functional, aesthetic, fine and energy conscious products, we strive to provide the best lighting solutions to our customers in the worldwide commercial, industrial, residential and utility markets.


  • More than 250 projects under our portfolios
  • Proven track records with repeat satisfied customers
  • Strong management team with more than 50 years of experience in lighting industry
  • Reputable OEM partners in China
  • Strong understand of the technical and aesthetic requirement in the industry
  • Deep understanding of the lighting industry supply chain